Reduce Duct Leakage              

                                 Up to 

                  90 %

       Air Duct sealing

 With Purchase Of Any One

                AC Unit 

                     Restrictions may apply

Aeroseal, Air Duct Sealing can save you money on your energy bills! If you feel like your energy dollars are going out your roof, in many ways you are probably correct. However in reality they are probably out your air ducts and into your attic and then through the roof. The amount of wasted cool air from leaky air ducts can be up to 90% and even if you have a brand new energy efficient air conditioning unit you can still be loosing money and over working your AC Unit. 

 In addition to air duct cleaning and sealing, Degree AC can service and repair your air conditioner systems. Our experienced technicians can diagnose repair and maintain any brand or problem. When your AC system does not appear to be cooling your home effectively, there can be many different possibility for this failure. But be assured that because Degree AC not only sells one service we will make sure that the right solution is found for your home and budget.

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If it is time to replace your AC unit, and you need a new air conditioner, then consider the Amana line of home air conditioning units. These reliable and cost effective residential air conditioners are build to handle the Arizona heat. There are roof and outside ground models available. Contact our office if you are in need of a new home air conditioner unit. Amana is the premiere air conditioning unit in the east valley, new AC units in Phoenix need to be able to withstand the heat of our summer days and nights.

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