Why Leaves Might Be the Reason Your Furnace Stopped Working

The message of winters’ arrival is given by the leaves which start to shed from trees. In a few days, winter will finally arrive with all the beautiful colors of nature in Mesa, AZ. When the winter season starts approaching, it is necessary for you to be prepared with your furnace. Try switching on your furnace to check its efficiency as the beautiful leaves that fall from trees might have affected your furnace. Yes, that can be one of the reasons which can hinder your comfort when the temperature drops.

The functioning of your furnace can come to halt completely. How? A furnace has a chimney or vents as the output unit. It is used to take in fresh air and pass out the poisonous residue which is produced after the reaction process inside the furnace. The falling leaves are blown all over the place by the wind. These leaves pile up around the inlet and outlet. This pileup blocks the vents. Hence, deposition of leaves obstruct the airflow. The compact systems usually have chimneys while the large ones have PVC pipes with vents for such outlets.


A Choke Can Break the Furnace

Many times, due to climatic conditions leaves get moist and pile up to block the chimney or vent  completely or partially. When this happens, either it reduces the efficiency of the furnace or it tears down the system. Due to no outlet, the gas accumulates around the main unit resulting in complete choking of the heat generation process.


Inspect the Outer Unit

If you won’t pay attention for a long period of time, these beautiful leaves might burn a big hole through your pocket. The outer unit should be regularly cleaned as the leaves become sticky  due to moisture, leading to decomposition. Check every vent and opening of the furnace and remove the leaves if you find any.


 Professionals Can Help You

There can be parts that might be out of your reach or tricky to check and clean. For that, Degree Air Conditioning & Heating furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, brings you thorough cleaning and servicing. Our technicians come and inspect for all kinds of blockages in the vents, ducts, and pipes. The complete maintenance will also allow the furnace to perform at its best. The efficiency of a furnace reduces if there is any kind of obstruction in the vents or pipes. We deep clean your system to ensure it delivers the right amount of warmth. So, be aware of beautiful leaves and don’t let it increase your utility bills as  blockages caused by leaves reduce the performance of the furnace resulting in the higher withdrawal of energy.

Experts at Degree Air Conditioning & Heating furnace repair in Mesa, AZ is just a call away to ensure fresh indoor air quality without any interruption. Call us now at 480-983-3012.