Filter Replacement in Mesa & Surrounding Communities

Every once in a while we’re asked what is the most important thing that your city area homeowners can do to secure their air conditioning and heating system with their seasonal maintenance tune-ups. The answer is simply this; remember to change the heating and air conditioning air filter.
Filter Replacement - Air Conditioner in Mesa AZ
Changing furnace and return air filters is critical to the proper performance of your HVAC system, not to mention your home's air quality. Studies show that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks. We know it's the last thing on your mind, but this is really important stuff. Changing the air filters is not all that hard for most your city homeowners, but there are usually two challenges to actually completing this job knowing just how often to change your furnace or air conditioner filter and remembering to change air filters when needed.

When your air filters are dirty, change them, Degree Air Conditioning & Heating can make it easy for you. Choosing how often to change your air filters can depend on several factors:
  • Type of filter your A/C system requires
  • The overall air quality of your city area home
  • Pets – Birds, cats, dogs, hamsters (do you have one?), etc.
  • Number of occupants in the house
  • General air pollution in your city area or construction taking place nearby

For your typical 1"-3" air filters, the manufacturer specs basically say to change them bi-monthly, which is, in fact, a great rule of thumb. However, general guidelines are not applicable to all. If you have to tolerate light to moderate allergies, you may need to upgrade the air filter or change them even more regularly than manufacturer specifications. On the other hand, if you're in a remote area, own an infrequently occupied home (like a vacation home) or an area where there are fewer cars around, replacing your air filters each year may be quite sufficient.

Why do pets matter so much? They have a tendency to shed their coats, which can clog your air filter fast. The air filter is just doing its job by capturing pet hair and dander, but tremendously dirty filters can cause weak HVAC performance.